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  • Didn't I already answer this? I like men to be clean but not so vain about their appearance that they spend more time on grooming themselves than they spend with me! Just the way they are is good for me. And as far as their underwear I just wash it and don't expect popularity from it.
    • dorat
      Thanks - my mistake. I accidentally posted this question twice and could not figure out how to delete it the second time.
  • I prefer personally, but chest hair can be sexy too. And I'm with your girlfriend on the underwear topic. I'm a tighty whities girl all the way. ;)
    • dorat
      Well, you gals split the difference on this one, My gf prefers a hairy chest - which works for me. Still, looking at all your responses, I am not sure that you two ladies haven't mind melded...and to think, I thought my gf was a trend setter. Thanks for your great replies. P.S. Thanks for replying to this one again. I accidentally double posted it and could not figure out how to delete it.
    • ladyEmma
      You're welcome. And I just realized forgot the word "smooth" when I typed my answer. Your girlfriend and I do sound a lot alike. She sounds like a really fun girl by the way. And you seem like a great couple. Congrats. :)
    • dorat
      Thanks so much - and right back to you. You sound like a great gal and you and your hubby sound like wonderful people.
  • Clean shaven and no chest hair.
  • Smooth, but I don't mind a little. I was never into the full on bear rug thing.

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