• Hooray, Hooray, and Hooray again !!! They just enabled the ability to edit our answers and comments too.. My hat is off to you people in the admin. Thank you very much again !! : ) : )
    • Black Mystique
      Oh, I just edited one of my questions too :-)
  • An excellent start indeed. Hopefully editing and deleting questions, answers and comments isn't far behind.
    • Ice man
      Ummm Maybe you didn't see my answer above ? The time is now. They just enabled editing for answers and comments as well as enabling editing for questions before that.
    • Temperance Brennan
      Sorry. I did not. Now we just need a delete option.
  • I just corrected a dumb spelling mistake in a comment that's been bugging me for a week. Awesome!
    • Ice man
      You're right, that is awesome. : )
  • Baby step are still steps. Positive progress indeed. :)
    • Ice man
      I'm not sure if you noticed my answer above, but it's no longer just questions. It's now answers and comments as well. : )
  • I just noticed the Show More button at the bottom of the profile page. Don't know how long that's been there, but now I can look back at people's older questions. That's pretty handy.
    • Ice man
      That's brand new also. Thanks for pointing that out, and I see that goes for our answers as well. I'm so delighted because I complained a while back about losing our older questions as once we reached a limit of 20 they would drop off and get lost. These are no longer steps, but rather leaps in the right direction.

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