• So, I'm already discovering features of the new AB that I dislike; not being able to edit or delete questions or answers. I discovered that display names are still changeable as they were at the old place so I'm alright with this account. I'm convinced now that this account IS Piper Halliwell but was inexplicably restored with the wrong display name.
    • Bootsiebaby
      TB, your account is a new one, not the original. We now ARE able to edit or delete Q&A.
  • To get my old account, I went to the login page and clicked on "forgot password." Then put in my old email address.
  • The retrieval of the content of the old Answerbag has just started, and it will take some time. As you tell in an answer to another question, in your case, your contents only started to appear after you logged in to your account. (see ) So what happened in your case is that you already got your old account, but you did not get the content immediately because it had still to be retrieved. If you don't like the name of your account, you may change it by using the "Edit Profile" feature on your personal profile page.
  • Use the "Edit profile" feature and change your display name to Piper Halliwell. You can use that feature to change your display name to anything you like, and it is reversible. I tested it by changing my display name to Bossyboots and then back to Bootsiebaby, so it does work. However, changing your display name will not reclaim your old account. What you are using now is a new account, which is why you don't recall creating it. I was Bootsiebaby on the old site but this is not my old account, it is a new account with my old display name. We all have new accounts here now, some of us with our old display names and others with new names.

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