• "10 days ago and hasn't showered"...holy stinking cow! I can't give any advice on your relationship, but if you're having sex with him, you're just as nasty as he is.
    • Robynmb1
      No I am not, no need to be rude and assume.
  • Three whole months? How could you have possibly not known all there was to discover about your catch. Hopefully you have learned something here. Give him written note to vacate within 14 days. See, you let him move in which makes him an occupant, not a guest. Hopefully he will leave with you having to go to the sheriff for help. Good luck. 12/26/16
    • Thriftymaid
  • Tell him its not working and he needs to move out. However if he refuses, because you had invited him, in most locales you will need to formally and legally evict him. I guess that will be enough to get the message to him that you are broken up.

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