• Definitely the 1970s for me.
    • ladyEmma
      Good answer! :)
    • sugar
  • The swinging sixties.
  • Goldie Hawn
  • The 80's because of the musci.
    • ladyEmma
      My favorite too! :)
  • 80's the hair the music the movies :)
    • ladyEmma
      Yes! I love 80s culture. Such great music and movies back then.
  • This past decade. I have been so incredibly fortunate to have so many wonderful things in my life now and over the last several years. A good job, confidence, a husband, health and energy and the experience to know what to do with them all. Of course I do have nostalgia for my youth when people were nicer and music was great - which was the 1970s.
  • The 70's though the 80's was a freakishly great time too!
  • Without doubt, the 1990s. That was when platform boots were (literally) the height of fashion. I had my very first pair for my 16th birthday (November 15, 1993).
    • Nosmo King
      I remember those being the height of fashion in 1973. You weren't even born when they were fashionable first time. You started wearing them on their return. I noticed recently they are back in fashion again now. I bet you're pleased about that, aren't you, Bootsiebaby? Lol:)
    • Bootsiebaby
      Of course I am, although I wear platform boots anyway regardless of whether they are currently fashionable or not. Lol:)
  • 1970s.
  • 1970s.
  • My teeth....
  • The 80s Lady Emma. I was a teenager and love 80s music.
  • Well, as a history buff, there are a lot of periods that I admire. The Victorian/Edwardian era, particularly in Europe, had a lot to speak for it. The 20's, 40's, 50's and 80's were also, to my mind, great periods. Not that every one of those periods did not have their darker sides. Certainly the status of minorities and women in many ways, is far better now than they were in any of those previous periods. (Though, interestingly, the crime, divorce, illegitimacy, child abuse, and addiction rates for minorities were far, far lower in those earlier periods than they are now. As the author Walker Percy wrote, it was the great tragedy of our times that as the legal and cultural status of minorities got better, their social condition in many ways got worse.) The 40s were a great time for fashions, movies, social stability - if you don't count a world war. The stereotype of the 50s is "Happy Days" and stable families, but we also know that there was fear of nuclear war, racial tensions were starting to rise in the south, a Red Scare. To borrow a phrase, every rose has it thorns and no era is perfect. So you have to factor all those things in. The answer to the question is relative. "All other things being equal, this is the decade I like." As I said, I could put in a good word for the 20's, 40's, 50's, and 80's for all sorts of reasons. (Fashions. Relative social stability, economic prosperity. Music.) However, I only lived through the 80s - the others I only know about because of my interest in history. (Also, I know the 50s through my parents, who were teens in that decade. They talk about those years a lot.) So, if you push me, I pick the 80s, which included my high school and college years, which I loved. (I have never understood, though I accept and do not question, the people who said that high school was awful. I had a great time. Friends, a little money in my pocket and no major responsibilities. It was the first time in my life that I had a social life that was really outside my family. Oh yeah, girls too. I heard they were invented in 1980. (Kidding.) I loved it. College - ditto, plus I was living semi-independently away from home for the first time.) However, that's just me. I also liked 80s music. The fashions, after the horror movie styles of the 70s - wide ties, bell bottoms, worse still, "leisure suits," etc. - were much better. (I admit it, I was a preppie.) The greatest movie - as distinct from more serious "films" - ever made came out. (Ferris Beuler's Day Off.) So put me down for the 80s - with an asterisk for three other decades (20's, 40's, 50's.) Also, a shout out to this decade. Not because I am a fan of the fashions or the times per se, but they did give me the girl of my dreams and three of the best kids a man could ever ask for. Hard to beat that.
    • we are dough
    • dorat
      Again, coming from someone who thinks he's dough. Pliable, taste free, easily molded into whatever someone else makes him. Thanks. I guess I will stick with boring.
  • 1990s.

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