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  • First of all What is the Criteria to declare CURE in Cancer.? 10-20 years without any reccurence and No Evidence of the disease since then ,Is it..? My friend you can declare cure in Common cold fever,Jaundice or flu coz the antibiotics given to you completely wipes out those unwanted foreign bodies.But in case of a disease like Cancer CURE is a unrealistic term.I am not dissappointing you, you may or infact people live Cancer free for many years 40-50 years specially small children and its staging.But the point is to declare cancer Cure you need a strong Evidence to prove it,Your CT and PET Scan might reveal you Cancer free but very small nano size cancer cells (StemCells) escape from the CT and are always there in the body.Now How Ayurveda Helps in Cancer Treatment..? For know more click on

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