• I hate when people are that inconsiderate. Makes you want to do something drastic and unwise.
    • RareCatch
      Excellent answer Nov.13
    • Ice man
      Sad but true. Very good answer, thanks.
  • Yes, it would.
    • Ice man
      Ohh Hello there !! Nice boots, and good to see you again. ; )
  • I would say "Dude, can I get some sleep"...but he's got a chainsaw!! WT? 😡
    • Ice man
      That's okay, what goes around comes around. I'll get even. : )
  • Don't make him mad, he's got a chainsaw!
    • Ice man
      That's okay, I have ways of getting even and he ain't gonna like it one bit.
    • RareCatch
      Excellent comment Mr. Ice Nov.14
  • Paybacks can be hell!! Nov.13
    • Ice man
      You know it. I'm debating whether to take the muffler off my tractor and give him a taste of his own medicine, or whether to just call the town office and anonymously report him for cutting down big trees which happen to be off his property and on town land. No permit either. The guy is a real dumb-ass, he's cut and stacked all the wood on his property but the stumps on the town land are clearly visible..
  • As long as no one's out until 2AM which is usually the case.
    • Ice man
      Sounds like party central. Things usually get pretty quiet after dark here.
  • My stepfather used to do that with the table saw. In fact I think that's the reason I got upset with him the day he decided to pull me out of bed by the hair of my head and kick me with cowboy boots on
    • Ice man
      That wasn't very nice of him !! Why were you wearing cowboy boots in bed ? ; )
    • Linda Joy
      Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy yeehaw giddy up! Actually he was the one wearing cowboy boots when he kicked me.

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