• Staying home and talking to the dog. Nov. 11
    • Ice man
      That's cool too. I'm sure the dog appreciated it. How did your peanut butter turn out?
    • RareCatch
      The peanut butter turned out great I made lots of it in the past try it! It sure is good but messy making, so I made 4 batches and froze it. Very noisy grinding in food processor.. Nov.12
    • Ice man
      I saw your recipe in another question but can't find it now. Was it 1 lb. of nuts to 3/4 cup of oatmeal ? I've had home made (not my own) before and it was to die for !!
  • Stay at home and do my website
    • Ice man
      Ah, another Canadian. Bienvenue et merci DanaRose. : )
  • i will go to work to get fucked :D
    • Ice man
      Sounds like you have an interesting job. (tongue in cheek). Are there side benefits as well ? : )
    • RareCatch
      Excellent answer Ice Man Nov. 12
  • I usually stay home as I don't have transportation.
  • I always stay home. I usually watch movies on TCM and visit the art website I've come to depend on. I should submit more of my art.
  • miss you, man!
  • This coming Friday my son and his fiance are coming to my place for lunch! Then Gen and I are having a 'slumber party' Friday night, so we'll be staying at my place to play.
  • i go to church on fri nights

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