• Talk to her :-)
    • LOL221
      thank you, lol.
  • First - Pull up your fly and comb your hair. Next - think of a subject that you're both interested in (maybe soccer) and talk nicely to her. Don't be aggressive and don't try to show off, girls aren't attracted by that kind of behavior. She already likes you or she wouldn't ask your name, so try not to be nervous and be polite. Good luck young man.
    • LOL221
      thank you
    • Ice man
      You're very welcome. Let us know how things go for you. I'm sure it's hard for you to believe this but at this point in your life you are forming relationships with people who will remember you for the rest of their lives, so give them something positive to remember you by.
    • LOL221
      Thank you, I will. :)
    • Myang
      Go hurry and rock her world! and can you update us here? :D i am excited to hear your love story with that girl. Right Sir Ice Man?
    • Ice man
      LOL, right. : )

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