• Togofogo is one of the best website from where you can buy refurbished mobiles at affordable prices. It also offers discount on its products.
  • I will recommend you to use eBay. com for all refurbished phones in all options it even has auctioning deals where you can place a bid at a low price .it has a variety of products try it
  • I don't like buying refurbished mobile devices. That's because most of them have cosmetic defects and hidden glitches. I prefer to buy them new, even if they don't come with the box. ebay is the best website to buy refurbished products if you are on a tight budget. You can have a peace of mind shopping with their buyer protection if your order is not as described.
  • I guess its the chemo fog, but until I read some answers I thought you were talking about the things you hang over a baby's crib! A mobile! Walmart sometimes has refurbished 'mobile phones' if you do a search and then click best match and change it to price low to high. But I think the others are right as well ebay is a good choice. You can sort that search low to high as well. And Walmart had a black friday sale on a cheap phone, too! Its not refurbished, and not a great phone, but only $20! Here's a link:

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