• Yes. Me and mom both walk around naked in front of each other.
    • Sammy
      Excellent, are you are a female, what is your age. So your mom is a single parent. Being nudists is healthy and helps you to have a better attitude about your self.
    • FirstTimeBestTime
      Yes, we do and I wouldn't have it any other way.
  • Nudist here mom, dad, my brother, and me are nudist.
    • Sammy
      I am very proud of your family. The bonding you have being open with each other with out be shy or a shame. So what age are you and your brother.
  • Never got into that!
    • Sammy
      I do not know what age your are but you will like it. It takes time to get into this type of lifestyle. It a non sexually events. Be reading other post and comments. Ask people question about it, do not be shy or a shame. We are a family here to support each other.
  • I can't wrap my head around the desire for people to be naked in front of their children. I'm so glad my parents didn't raise us like that. There's no way in hell I would have wanted to see my father's penis any more than I would have wanted to see my mother's naked body. It's not about being ashamed of my body at all. I just don't think children need to be exposed to that.
    • Sammy
      You just do that. I having a wonder life. Not interest in your erotic mind. So you here to insult others on AB. Is that your possible here.
    • Linda Joy
      She just didn't give the answer you wanted. You are the only one who is being insulting of her!
  • Mom likes a clothing free life and I go naked a lot at home and some other places.
    • Sammy
      Than that is what you family does than why are you post under this question. If you not into this than why are you responding.
    • Linda Joy
      Anyone can respond! Its not your place to say who can answer and who can't! And it doesn't matter if they agree with you or not! If you ask a question be prepared to hear answers you don't agree with. Its part of life!
  • No. Sometimes in warmer weather my husband and I do walk around in the house sans clothing when we are alone in the house. Presently no one else is staying with us.
  • I'm trying to wrap my head around inviting others into our nudist lifestyle with the kids....based on your question. Out of curiosity, do you have kids? Would you be open to your kids saying they want to opt out? I think with family it's natural and it's okay but to invite others, it's giving me pause. What are the boundaries that you're teaching your kids as a whole? just trying to understand your thought process.
    • Sammy
      That is your thinking. I d have kids and they are normal. Home nudist is normal. May nudists families go to nudists beaches, camps, resort to share nudist with others. I see you have a very erotic mind about things. I ask you to seek counseling. Look online under your town or city in the yellow pages and there be someone who will help you with your erotic mind. I know about your culture of your race and I know what goes on. Have a nice day.
    • Sammy
      Correct my sister. It the attitude and manners of it. No gender basis rules. Everyone is equal with this.
    • Sammy
      We more likely went to far in what we were talking about. I know it stop. but we develop new question. If we were talk private chat, it it would have been OK. Sorry about that. You have other reading what we talking about which is non of their business. We still together. We be support of each other.
    • Sammy
      Yes I do jessica, but others will have it also.
    • Sammy
      My day was great. Work was wonderful. Everyone work hard as a team. At where I work, which I am one of the head manager that we have a very strong value system. We here are a term, supported. There is no drama here. Children are doing great being back in school from Thanksgiving. We have cold rain for the nex two days. Everyone with their allengry medication.
    • Sammy
      The fires in the mountain are now burning buildings in Tennessee.
    • Linda Joy
      Anyone who invites others in to see your children naked are definitely NOT protecting their children from MOLESTERS! That's EXACTLY the type of person who would be interested in this perversion!
  • Yes we
  • Not even a little bit. We are a family of modest clothed folks. If you are naked, stay away from me. I don't want to see anything you have, nor do I want it sitting on my furniture. nasty, nasty.
  • I would pluck my eyes out and throw them into a black hole, hoping never to get them back. EVER!
  • I have been a nudist for many years. it is a great and comfortable lifestyle. I am attaching a Christian site about nudity. I can supply many more from Christian sites.
  • No. I never let my son or grandson see me naked! My pedophile stepfather did that when I was a teenager and I hated it! And I told him I didn't want to see him naked and he told me it was his damned house and he'd be in it whatever way he wanted (with a lot of cursing involved!) That's not the kind of "love" I needed! Its sickening and perverted! And I hope every child whose parents force them to look at them naked is taken by DHS! I'd rather be physically abused than sexually abused! And I hope the parents are forced to be as uncomfortable as those kids were forced to be. Just because its your choice doesn't mean the kids like it! You just hope they will because of your own perverted mind and child lust! If its not sexual then why do you have to be naked? Don't bother answering. I'm not likely to listen to anything you have to say, pervert!
    • arcticpup22
      Oh dang Linda I'm sorry that that happened to you. Pedophilia is bad. I agree with you; that would damage kids. Kids are kind of more sensitive today, too, huh?
  • I wish my mom would walk around grandma that weird?

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