• Yes, In fact, capri pants for men had a short lived revival from 1999-2001. I kinda like them, if the cut is right.
  • You ain't gonna see me wear no capri pants.
  • The mens capri pants are a big no, 9 out of 10 times they are hanging so you get a good glimpse of there boxer shorts. I find it offensive especially in a work environment, like at the grocery store. They are unable to work, spend most of there day yanking up there pants.
  • Well, capri pants definitely not!!! Long shorts, yes. But not capri pants, I think if I saw a guy wearing them I'd think they look silly.
  • I'd go shopping with him and let him do my hair.
  • I'm all for it. Having traveled throughout Europe quite a bit and seeing how popular it is there, I've purchased quite a few pairs and to me, think they look great. I could care less what others think about it. They look a hell of lot more stylish than these big baggy shorts most guys are wearing, and if you're in shape, all the better.
  • I think in an office setting or something it would look a little silly, but I like those capri beach pants that they make for men.
  • IF and only IF you just MUST wear capri pants it should be in a military style.. Capri often makes men look like farmers:P
  • I'd never wear capri pants. If some guys want to wear them, more power to them, but I think they look stupid, and I say this as a guy who wears short skirts, pantyhose, and high heels out and about on a regular basis.
  • I've never seen a man wearing capri pants. I would not wear them. I might laugh hysterically at a man who was wearing them.
  • Absolutely NOT! But, there was a guy who wore them quite a bit on this season's "Top Chef" t.v. show, (1st time I had noticed men wearing them). :-O)
  • I wear them all the time after work around the house or at the lake cabin. I see nothing wrong with guys wearing them at all.
  • if they're going to wear low-cut capris then they should wear low cut or bikini panties when them. would look much better i think.
  • It would be gay. Yet, so is a man wearing earnings.
  • As a female, I would say that men should wear long bike shorts that reach to the knees when they're working out. But with medium-sized inseam baggy shorts over them to leave many women in suspense. Capri pants are unattractive on men.
  • Capri pants are a popular and trendy style for both men and women in certain regions and cultures around the world. The decision to wear Capri pants ultimately depends on one's personal style preferences and comfort level. Some may find it fashionable while others may not prefer the look. It is important to remember that fashion is subjective, and what matters most is feeling confident in your own skin regardless of societal norms or expectations.
  • Aren't they the pants without a fly? I have just one thing to say: Don't drink beer without 'em😊

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