• The pro's are obvious, most men love it, the only bad side can be the taste & texture, it can make you gag - but there's a way to improve it slightly it! Semen picks up the tastes of all the foods the guy eats, so if you don't want it to taste rank, stop your guy eating foods like onions, garlic & spicy foods, and if he eats certain sweet foods, like wine gums about 4-10 hours before, it still won't taste great, but it'll be an improvement!
  • I don't think semen has a necessarily bad or unbearable taste, it is just the texture...I can't really describe it except that it's slimy (like mucus or something) and slightly chunky, and a little bit warm, which is slightly off-putting to me...but despite all that I prefer to swallow it. First of all, the whole thing can be a mess so this just avoids it; secondly, I like to feel him go in my mouth- I get a strange sense of satisfaction, while of course bringing us closer. And if I'm feeling really daring, I'll try to kiss the guy after as a sort of test of his comfortability.
  • It tastes like slime lol.
  • Not the taste but the texture is gross. Also mostly they don't tell when they are going off so I am caught not ready. I angle them and myself so it goes down the back of my throat and just keep swallowing until they are done. I have never liked it ever. But I do it sometimes if they want. My husband and anyone who really knows me would never ask such a thing of me.

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