• For the same reason that blacks have problems with most whites (do they really?) - they're different. (Go ahead and downgrade me for this one and I'll tell you why.)
  • I dont at all. I dont see skin, I see person. I love reggae, soca, ska, rap. I'm as white as a milk bottle. Alot of my friends are black. I'm half Italian..most people are a mongrel mix of something. Racism is ignorance.
  • The same reason some people of ANY race have a problem with people of another race. Ignorance, hate, etc. In all honesty I have had several negative experiences with individual black people (including being physically assaulted) that could have clouded my view of all of them if I'd allowed it to.
  • They don't.
  • The same as some black people have chips on their shoulders! i have nothing against blacks, infact i have alot of black friends but they always play the racist card! the minute things go wrong some black people are to quick to bring their race into the equation! downrate me i will not change my opinion! my brother has 2 black girls and i love them to bits, but the attitude will never change.
  • For the same reason some blacks have problems with most whites. I have met blacks that feel the world owes them a living, and if you do not bow and scrape to their mightiness, you are prejudiced and racist. I have met whites that feel that if you are not white, you are less than human. There are ignorant people in all races and ethnicities.
  • Why do some blacks consider everything a white person does as racist? Seriously most people don't think that way, white, black, red, pokadoted. While we may know one or two of the race that fits into questions like these, it's best to ask THEM why they feel that way then to make judgments or we become no better than racists and reverse-racists ourselves.
  • YOU MAY BE RIGHT. may be that do thank that way.....I could have also said you do some blacks have problems with whites then what would you have said?
  • For the same reason that some blacks have problems with most whites, and that some Japanese have problems with most Koreans, and that some Koreans have problems with most Japanese, and that some English have problems with most Irish, and that some Irish have problems with most English, and that some Moslems have problems with most Jews, and that some Jews have problems with most Moslems, and that some Catholics have problems with most Prodestants, and that some Prodestants have problems with most Catholics, on and on and on and on ... The two groups have had a history of antagonism, and even though that history has long since passed, the emotions remain. Those emotions get passed down from generation to generation, to the point where people feel this hatred and have no idea why.
  • i do believe its called racism, and you can find it anywere on the planet.
  • you know what you r right how do you know that you are not one if you never thank about it!
  • For the same reason that some blacks have problems with most whites - because they are racists. Let's just celebrate the fact that most whites AND blacks don't have these problems.
  • I don't think racism per se is a 100% explanation for the problem here. In my experience, most 'white' people do not have a problem with blacks in general. Instead, what the they have a 'problem' with is the harshness, violence and crime of urban life. Seeing someone with black skin becomes shorthand for seeing someone who grew up in a poor violent neighborhood with lousy schools. This gets exacerbated by the tendency for some African Americans (particularly young men) to dress and behave in self-aggrandizing ways that draw attention to themselves and their background. If I see a young man with his hair corn-rowed, wearing a throwback NBA jersey and baggy shorts, "iced up" to the nines, flipping gang signs and looking like he's spoiling for a fight, his skin color becomes essentially irrelevant. I'm going to assume that he's either A) a genuine gangster or B) a gangster wanna-be who might use violence against me to establish his 'street cred'. Conversely, I once had a an African-Ameican coworker who was always immaculately groomed, wore well-cut suits to work every day (in an environment where pajamas were NOT frowned upon), spoke the King's English better than I do, and who always greeted you with a smile and a laugh. Again, his skin color became essentially irrelevant. He was just a really nice well-dressed well-spoken guy. In short, if I think someone looks like a thug, I'm going to be afraid skin color be hanged. If someone looks like a gentleman, I'll be favorably inclined towards him. Unfortunately, centuries of racism and decades of mass media culture have cemented the negative associations with dark skin to the point where we are only *just beginning* to make the necessary inroads against it. If you don't believe me, click on the link below and try the Harvard implicit associations test. I bet it will surprise you. It will probably take several more decades of getting more and more positive associations built up before we will look at African-Americans with a plausibly colorblind eye. . . .
  • this is life in works both ways and all directions you can either let it bother you or much more things in the world then to worry about that

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