• It depends on their religious beliefs. I have met some Christians that think the movie is a bad influence on children, because magic and witchcraft are evil and condemned in various passages in the Bible. Then again, I assume the majority (especially if you count Catholics in the equation) take their kids to see it since it actually teaches values that are generally consistent with Christianity, such as the golden rule.
  • christian who? christian slater? I don't know if he has or not.
  • Some of them do. I do not and I think they evil. I used to like them, until I realized how much the Bible condems sorcery and the Holy Spirit got a hold of my heart. I hope that this helps. :) -In the Master's service. Thank you and God bless you!
  • Right around the time the 1st movie was released, the Christian school my kids attended banned Harry Potter books. This was AFTER my daughter had already read the 1st book. Needless to say she was quite confused about the controversy she observed growing around her. When questioned, the best I could advise her was to decide for herself; I wasn't going to tell her how she was "supposed" to feel. So, with mixed feelings and not a small bit of guilt, she decided she wanted to see the film. She was quite surprised to see several of her school mates (and parents) attending the viewing. Afterwards, she dismissed the whole thing as much ado about nothing. I daresay, she learned a bit from the experience about perception, outside influence and following one's own best judgement.
  • Yes. I am catholic (technically a christian )Its really all about how you feel and knowing that the movies and books are just fantasy not fact.
  • Why not?
  • my catholic school showed it several times
  • Of course, christians secretly love Harry Potter, he's like a miniature God to us - the boy who lived, contrary to Jesus - the boy who died

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