• Yea... Shave his butt & make him walk backwards. If some of the judges are dislexic, he's sure to win...
  • I am a judge for an annual dog photo contest and the two most important factors are good lighting and clear bright eyes. Also, costumes don't usually win.
  • I am not a dog breeder or shower, but here is the best information I can come up with off the top of my head. Go to a reputable website concerning your dog's breed. Try the AKC website or maybe some professional handlers/breeders website you find through Google. Look at the grooming style and positions they put their dogs in. You have to assume they are going to show the best pictures they can find of their breeds. Try to emulate these pictures. Pay attention to the specific traits of your breed and try to enhance these features. Don't dress your dog up. People want to see your dog, not how cute of an outfit you can find. Try to capture many images. Choose the image that shows the most personality- especially if you can get some humanistic looking emotions- people relate better to those. People are a sucker for cute.

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