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  • That's perfect. My boyfriend has the same fetish. Wear stockings and high heels-make him kiss your shoes, take them off and suck your stockinged toes. He can massage your feet, wash them and dry them. He can suck your toes and lick the soles. Believe me you will enjoy it too!
  • I'm a heterosexual boy and i love female feet too. I think he would like you to take your shoes off and put them in his lap. Then tell him to massage your feet and ask him if he likes them. If he does tell him that if he's a good boy he might even get the permission to kiss them, but make him work hard to earn that honour...he'll go crazy!
  • The previous 2 answers answered much of my answer lol but I have a few more as well. One thing a lot of men love who have a foot fetish is them lying down and you sitting next to him and put your feet on his face, mainly around the nose and mouth area. Dip your toes in his mouth, let him lick and suck them, then your heel, etc. Smell seems to be a big part of the fetish too, especially pantyhosed feet. Even have him watch you massage your own feet, putting on high heels, taking them off (slowly and seductively), wiggling your toes, giving him a footjob, maybe let him paint your toenails, play the little piggy went to market game lol that's cute. Also take pictures of all these activities! :) Send a few to his email, leave some in his car, put a few on the fridge, etc. Leave him a sexy voicemail describing your feet and how after a long hard day you can't wait for him to come home and massage them for you. When you're out to dinner (or even at home) slide your feet up his leg to his groin to turn him on. I think you get the idea :)...
  • I would make him pay for the pedicures you'll need. This fetish is harmless enough. Indulge him.
  • Anything that draws attention to your feet will excite him. Red polish, toe rings, tan stoskings, high heels, etc. Ask his opinion frequently about what you can do to make them more attractive to him. And ALWAYS walk (strut!) proudly!
  • he'll never be happy. aw............
  • there are so many different fetishes when i comes to feet. if he just told you he is into feet then he probablly just wants to suck and lick them and stuff like that. he may be into pantyhose or stockings. he will just have to tell u or do what he likes

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