• I get a little annoyed when someone 'hacks' a network by magically guessing the admin/root password on the first try or something, yeah. But most of the time if they showed what REALLY goes into such things nobody would watch.
  • It entirely depends on the genre. I think it's somewhat acceptable in over-the top movies like DieHard, Terminator or other of the kind, for example. Fantasy, Comedies and Science Fiction among others need a good ammount of suspension of disbelief from the watcher. If it's a movie that has to have some sort of realism for it to work, (Drama, movies based on actual events), then it does bother me.
  • I can't watch most TV because of it. From tracing IPs to a physical location in minutes, to the wrong number of bullets in a given weapon, to a multitude of automotive impossibilities, I just can't handle it. If the show or movie is supposed to be unrealistic, I don't mind so much. But anytime it's supposed to mimic reality, it bugs the crap out of me. The "Gone in 60 Seconds" remake is a good example of a movie I can't stand because of blatent technical inaccuracies.
  • You mean like in the old westerns when the cowboys never lose their hats? Even after falling off a cliff into a raging river...they emerge still wearing the hat. I find it hilarious.
  • Yes, like TARA REID she is the worst female actor/actress I have ever seen in regular films like in "Van Wilder"and in other films,well I wouldn't have cast her in my film unless it was an adult movie,she is to dumb to act in regular movies.
  • It bothers me when automatic handguns run out of ammo and the slide doesn't lock back. Or worse, they don't run out of ammo. And I don't understand it when movies have lots of swearing in them, it's like they can't fill the script with words that actually have meaning to the plot. And what bothers me the most is when trained soldiers shoot guns from their hip, and when they waste ammo. It also bothers me when people call assault rifles machine guns. And when snipers have these ultra fancy scopes and it is not set in the future. Pretty much every problem I have is gun-related.
  • Yeah it doesn't bother me that much, because I know they would pwned me on pretty much the whole rest of the movie. No one is perfect..
  • Realism often takes a back seat to the "plot" (assuming there is any) - and yes, often it does annoy me. One reason I like the reimagined "Battlestar Galactica" - and I think one reason it's done so well - is that they focus on realism. I remember the classic scene in Jurassic park where the kid tries to hack into the computer system, sees these extra neat graphics and announces "It's a UNIX system!" I laughed so loud other cinema goers wondered what the joke was (for those who haven't used it, Unix is TEXT ONLY - no graphics whatsoever in terms of an interface based OS)
  • To be honest and brutal, I think to myself, "Why am I watching this?", "Why do the bad guys always miss and the good guy's a crack shot?", "Why does the good guy look the other way when the bad guy is just around the corner waiting to knock him silly...?". Then I realize, I'm just a sucker for "B" movies.
  • We watch CSI Miami for the laughs. No one ever wears shoe covers at murder scenes. The women always have their hair coiffured and flying loose, their make-up intact, their clothing boutique and the highest heels. I am surprised that their DNA doesn't turn up on every piece of evidence.
  • i say that about every movie i've seen in the last five years. you can get dizzy watching a modern action flick today. I've never seen such poorly directed cinematography, and action sequences with the camera shakes so badly that you feel as though you're on an amusement park ride. directors are just like baseball players give them too much money upfront, and they will play with no heart for the competitive game.
  • Doesn't really bother me much, because I'm always watching horror movies, and what could be more exaggarated than that? I also get a kick out of production errors, like a car in the background, or a line of makeup showing at the neck. I will admit a few things do bother me sometimes though, but they don't -really- bother me; I'm just proud, at the moment, to have enough knowledge to know that so and so isn't supposed to work that way. XD
  • I watch movies for enjoyment and am usually too caught up in the story or whatever else is going on to scrutinize the production values. At least during my first couple times seeing anything.
  • OMG yes yes yes I hate that
  • It bugs me, but I don't think people realize how much OTHER talent is required to direct even a BAD movie. I don't think I'm up to that.
  • I don't really care. I am more interested in the resolution to the conflict. What I don't like is a dragging movie with a seeming lack of direction.
  • No it doesn't bother me, because I'm always aware that it is only a movie. :-)
  • In action movies all the explosion scenes are idiotic just because a car hit another it doesnt mean that it will explode, actually it is really hard to make a car explode. Also in horror movies killing satan with crosses i havent heard something more idiotic than that. Again in horror movies what kind of idiot goes into dark to check a frightening sound? How can the killer walk farter than the victim runs for gods sakae it is the same direction it is physically impossible. In musicals, what would you do if someone starts dancing and singing to you while walking in a busy street.wont you think he or she is an idiot. what kind of person sings about going to grocery? In sci-fi movies aliens are intelligent enough to come accross the universe with huge ships...etc but they cant even manage to open doors( for example signs). The most disgusting ones are adam sandler and ben stiller movies they are idiots and they cant even act but they still play in many movies.(ok this wasnt about the question :D)
  • My interest is aviation so when I see passengers board a particular aircraft type but disembark from another, then yes, I should be a director. And close-up views of the aircraft that don't actually match the aircraft type - yes, I should be a director. I thought it was bad enough when watching older movies but when the same errors are consistently made by todays directors, they should be calling themselves by another title. And since when was an aircraft cabin so quiet you can hear passengers across the aisle talking to each other!
  • There are too many inaccuracies in movies and it bothers me, takes some of the enjoyment out of the experience.

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