• Where ever there's a pool, is an inexpensive oasis for family fun in the sun. Even if you have to spend some money, it won't be much, even cheaper if you pack your own snacks and bring your own drinks.
  • We like to go to the library or bookstore. We did it yesterday, in fact. I want to instill a love of reading and learning in my son. That's very important to me.
  • I joined Riverbanks Zoo last year and can take up to four people in with free admission. It is an all-day visit because they now have the botanical gardens across the river. A friend I met on the internet came to visit recently and my husband and I took her and her husband to the zoo and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. if you are interested in my local zoo.
  • I go to the beach. The only money spent is gas and food.
  • The National Park nearby. Hiking trails is fun and they have lots of free programs.
  • We just lo e to drive through the countryside. Car (or motorcycle in the right weather) and maybe a picnic basket packed and I'm ready for exploration. Every new season, every new weather is different and like we haven't been before. When we lived in California we loved to drive along the coast and visit a special waterfall. A quick dip in the waters and a wonderful simple meal and we were in heaven. Haven't found that special spot here yet. Everywhere is new and exciting still and we are always exploring.
  • We enjoy going to a cold water creek in a small town about 45 minutes away. It's located on private property, but they allow visitors. There are rocks to jump from and the water is crystal clear. We take nets and buckets to catch river minnows and crawdads. We let them go before we leave, but it's fun to see who can collect the most. The creek bed is also filled with fossil encrusted rocks. Downstream there is a tire swing. It's a refreshing and invigorating place to go on hot summer days.
  • We grab the dogs and take the boat out on the lake. Pack a lunch and go!
  • Since I only live a block from the beach and can walk there, I usually go there with my husband and dog with a lunch and have a picnic and play water tag with my dog.
  • Many large metropolitan cities have "free days" at the museums and zoos. Google "museum/zoo name, free admission days" Have a fun day with your family!

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