• How about an outdoor picknic or beach outing? If you drive, maybe a nice drive to a scenic location. (I would avoid the "I ran out of gas, what shall we do?")
  • Is there a zoo where you live? Or a museum? There are probably many things to do even if you are in a small town. Ask some locals where you live what they like to do.
  • Do something that you like to do. Do you like any sports? Tennis? How about bowling? (Kinda dorky, sure, but fun!) Is the weather nice? Maybe go on a trip to the park and have a picnic? Are you into museums? Ice skating? Basically you can go out and do anything that interests you. Have fun!
  • If you are comfortable and enjoy being outside do something in nature. Try a picnic along a stream or at a lake. I imagine your date could truely find that romantic and it would provide a perfect oportunity to talk and get to know each other.
  • How about put-put golf or a walk followed by a picnic? Ohh, and outdoor concert or the fire works. There's lots of stuff you can do. Just be creative.
  • Where do you live? Farm country? Go berry picking and make jam for Christmas gifts. Forests? Go mushroom gathering or go looking for wildflowers among the ferns. Beach? Scavenge after high tide. Look for treasures! City? Photos or sketching architectural details? Well, I don't know cities very well, but you get the idea.
  • Whats the weather, how much is budgeted, how old are you? If you want info you need to supply info
  • Try a place where you can dance and dine!

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