• Only if you answer back!
  • Well, it depends upon the frequency of self dialogs and those who are within audible range of your self conversations. This is a good measure of weirdness.
  • i talk to myself! AND i answer. it's ridiculous. sometime's i'll be like 'omg did you turn off your straightener?' and i'll answer, 'duh? remember i ran back in and unplugged it after roxane called?' seriously it's like two people are talking to each other. but i don't think it's weird. if anything it just means you have so much going on inside your head that you need to sort it out out loud.
  • Nahh..most people do it, I have admittedly even argued with myself, and I think I lost..LOL :)
  • If it does make you weird, so what. Start a club for weird people who talk to themselves. I'll be a dues-paying member right now. You be president and set meeting agendas, and crap like that. Of course all of us in the WTTOAWAT (We Talk To Ourselves And We Answer Too) won't care what the agenda is for any of the meetings because we'll be too busy talking to ourselves. Hey! How about we all get together and just sit in a big room and all of us will talk only to ourselves for about an hour (with a 10 break in the middle for the smokers.) We'll meet every Tuesday in the local church basement. Great! See you next Tuesday!
  • If you question as to whether it's weird or not, you're not weird. There still is a sense of reality you're working with. Everybody talks to themselves just like everyone picks their nose from time to time. It's the ones that will never admit to it, these are the weird ones that you should be aware of.
  • I don't think it makes you weird, I'm not sure though...your getting an answer from someone that even calls herself names! lol damn dummy
  • No.Because believe it or not I talk to myself too when I'm alone of course.
  • no. I do it alll the makes them think i am crazy. it freaks people out somedays.
  • Weird NO! I get really annoyed with myself when I get the wrong answers back..thats weird
  • Well, I enjoy talking to myself (probably more than talking to other people - I have more interesting answers to questions!) Living alone, it became a habit. Then I started seeing someone who pointed out to me that I talk to myself at inappropriate times and what type of people walk around talking to themselves ? - crazy people. After observing other people walking around talking to themselves, I must concur. So, I limit my conversations to when I am alone. conversations to when I am alone.
  • Even psychiatrists talk to themselves. As long as you aren't talking to little green men that aren't there, you're fine!
  • No, you have to talk to somebody intelligent.
  • Nope ...guess taking some time out and communicating with your inner self is always good :-)
  • Im talking to myself now. I dont think that I am weird alhough others have a different opinion about that. LOL.
  • if it does then that makes two us - I always talk to myself.
  • No it does not make you weird as almost everyone does that without really intending to talk to themselves. we do that when we look at ourselves in the mirror.
  • No thoughts are like talking to yourself just where no one can hear you.
  • Well I sure hope not, because I do it everytime I'm at work. My 12h shifts doing the most boring factory job you can imagine. It keeps my sanity, I think.
  • IT DOES IF OTHERS CAN HEAR YOU! if you start to answer your own questions allowed you might need some help. otherwise if alone at home then a little talk to yourself is ok but don't get into a habit of it.
  • Nope. I do it, my son does and I bet most people do. Now where I do it is a different story. In public I wont do it too much outloud. My son has. But he was spending several months with his father that was totally ignoring him and he was alone a LOT. Once he came back home and got normal attention and didn't feel alone anymore, that stopped automatically. He still talks to himself, but not in stores or walking down the street anymore. Just sometimes in his room or when he is playing a video game.
  • Nope, I talk to myself all the time. Just dont start answering your own questions. :P
  • Does "yourself" think that "myself" is weird?
  • No. That being said, a psychologist would have a field day.
  • No ... not until you start arguing with each other. :)
  • I used to talk to my cats all the time (I know, sounds like I am the 'crazy cat lady!', hence my nickname! But then I started noticing I was not only talking to the cats, I was talking to myself! I thought I was crazy until I started reading all these answers! Whew! I feel better now!
  • Only if you start argueing with yourself.

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