• i believe a baby is alive from the point of conception. i think you will find that legally a baby is considered alive at a specific point in the pregnancy (not too sure what time this is possibly around 12 weeks or so) and if the baby is born prematurely and does not survive the parents are legally obligated to bury the child once it is a certain age
  • The moment a woman knows she's pregnant,(if the baby is wanted), she starts to wonder what the sex of the baby will be, what to name him/her, what he/she will look like, ect. So if something happens to that "baby" the DREAM of him/her will be crushed. THAT is what would matter. The "baby" isn't even here yet,in any way, but the dream IS.
  • The mother can choose to "teminate" her baby at almost any time she wants, but if someone harms the mother and kills the baby in the's considered murder.
  • Your Q borders on absurdity. Of course an individual would be upset being put through so much trauma. Women who have an abortion put serious thought to it, it is not a decision made lightly, and I find it ridiculously ignorant that you would attempt to portray it as such.
  • honestly i think your quesiton is treading on very personal and controversial grounds. women may feel more justified answering this question than men since they are ultimatley the ones who go through everything. not to discount a mans part... i think everyone sees it differently and they should all be respected for the way they see it and respected for any decisions taken. we shouldn't judge the decision of someone else especially in this arena. it is always a hard decision and never simple.
  • The state has to draw a line at some point. Many people try to use government to stop these things, but in the end it's futile. Even with the strictest laws, a person wealthy enough to see a doctor will have access to abortion. Government can't follow every person into every exam room, that's not the answer. So it is a personal decision, and how it's rationalized or justified is personal too. It's ultimately between them and God. I wouldn't want to answer to God for 'aborting' a pregnancy at any point after the conception. With that said, I feel for anyone driven to consider it, regardless of what decision they make.
  • It really doesn't matter.
  • If someone else kills someone's unborn child, he or she can be charged with murder, in most, if not all states. Even if the mother could still get an abortion. So I guess it's up to the mother if it's a baby or not.
  • Just because someone may not think their unborn baby isn't alive until they are born doesn't mean they don't want them. A woman can also change her mind as she goes through the changes of pregnancy.
  • if a protozoa, one cell organism, is considered to be living and the why is an unborn baby considered to be not when it made of way more than that single one cell by the time someone realizes they are pregnant so to all those people that believe that and unborn baby is "dead" until it is born how can you argue this? can you really say that something with a heart beat does not live?
  • If a baby isn't "alive" from conception, then how do people explain that this child continues to grow? If there is no baby, there would be no need to terminate a pregnancy. Make sense? Having said that, if someone truly believes that a baby isn't alive until it is born, then it would be hypocritical for that person to be upset if that baby is killed before birth. Either way, I have no doubt that "baby" begins with "conception".
  • I see the issues as two totally separate things. One is a decision you make about your body and the other is something someone else does to you against your will.
  • Once that heart starts to beat that baby is alive and entilted to live. Abortion isn't a solution it will however make a parent regret what you did for the rest of your life.
  • Those people are in total denial. Just attend an ultrasound and you will know right away the baby is alive and moving and sucking their thumbs, etc.
  • It is the schizophrenia of modern society. People want it both ways. They want to have their cake and eat it too so to speak. Unfortunately life doesn`t work that way. One day in the near future people will realize this.
  • Yes, I think they would be distressed if somebody else killed their unborn child because that somebody else made the decision instead of them. Plus, it's different when something directly affects oneself.
  • In South Africa in 2006, a man hired someone to kill his unborn child by shooting his ex-girlfriend in the stomach. The attack happened only days before the baby would have been born. The man's explicit intention was for the baby to be killed. In May last year he was found guilty for the attempted murder of his ex-girlfriend only. South African common law makes no provision for the murder of an unborn child, because that would contradict the legality of abortion... even though this baby was full-term and abortions are only legal in the first trimester. So, as far as the emotionless law (at least in SA) is concerned it does not matter at all. But if a pro-choice person chose to have a baby and someone intentionally killed that baby, I believe they would indeed be devastated. Because even if they intellectually accept that the baby is not alive yet, they would form an emotional bond with it and look forward to it being born - making plans, preparing, dreaming. Personally, I am pro-life. Even after my own crisis pregnancy and 9 subsequent years of single parenthood.
  • i don't really think they say it's not 'alive'...the argument is that the fetus isn't an individual human being with rights until it is born...
  • I've said that before, but never that it wasn't alive. More that it's not conscious of its existence, and even when it comes out it won't be for a bit, and that it responds to maternal approaches because of instinct. But I certainly don't say that to justify abortion, nor would I ''not care'' if I were pregnant and someone took it away. Maybe I won't care about any of this scientific stuff if I ever do have a baby. Probably be a good idea if I never did. Now son, you're nothing but a mass of wriggling flesh, you hear? XD Conscious or not, I could easily be wrong, I mean babies laugh right? They cry when they need or want something, so I'm guessing that laughing is a form of communication more than thinking something was funny, and either way a baby is a human being which becomes aware of its existence soon enough, IF that in itself were good enough, and to me it isn't. My opinion suggests that when we're born we're not any different than animals but I don't see how anyone could use that to backup pro abortion issues, especially when those just seem to revolve around politics and the economy, which somehow seems a lot more heartless than my brain dead view on the matter.
  • Probably, and I'd have to guess because it wasnt with their permission (certain people rather have the ability to kill this unborn baby than a stranger). I have a hard time understanding (and havent recieved any solid information) how "unborn babies" are not alive. I always figured that a baby is a parasite, if it can act as a parasite form its little fetus form its already active and therefore alive. But hey, I'm no doctor.
  • Anybody who has a basic education in biology cannot dispute that a foetus or embryo is alive. Pretty much every cell in the body is alive -- obviously the cells in a foetus are alive, the sperm was ''alive'', the egg was ''alive'' so the product of the two also has to be alive. Whether it's a separate human being who should have rights is more of a moral issue. But, the next part of your question is a separate issue. If somebody has an abortion because the pregnancy is unwanted, then that's very different to losing a wanted pregnancy. Furthermore, the implication that women who have abortions don't care (it doesn't ''matter to them'') is offensive. For many women, abortion is a heartbreaking decision that they feel is the better of several bad options. Some women regret it immensely. So if somebody is on their way to the abortion clinic and they're in an incident which causes a miscarriage, then the chances are they won't be much more distressed at the loss of the pregnancy than if they'd had an abortion. However if that same person plans a pregnancy years later and then has a miscarriage because somebody attacks them, then of course it'd matter. Having an abortion, or supporting womens right to have abortions, does not mean that people don't care about pregnancies, the outcome of pregnancies or children.
  • Personally if it is considered murder for someone to kill an unborn baby unintentionally then, it would also be murder for a baby to be aborted. look at the the medical are pronounced dead when you have no heartbeat....well an embryo has a heartbeat at 5 weeks and sometimes as early as 22 days. So technically according to a medical perspective being clinically dead is the cessation of a heartbeat. So doesn't that make a baby alive either way and that in turn making it murder?
  • Based on some comments, such as the unborn being tumors, parasites, etc. it shouldn't make any difference, or they might even consider it a favor.

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