• I am PRO Death Penalty, however I feel that the punishment needs to be made more public for it to be effective, and I believe that the government needs to know with 100% certainty that the crime was actually committed by the person being put to death.
  • How can you show people that killing people is wrong by killing people who have killed people? It just doesn't make sense to me...
  • its a difficult one because there are so many people who are innocent in prison. just imagine if someone got the death penalty and they were innocent. its something that can never be undone. but i reckon the death penalty for peodophiles and people who commit serious crimes and are guilty with proof that cant be denied should get the death penalty.
  • PRO, One reason is for victims family why should they go through life paying taxes to keep the person that killed their loved one in relative comfort and safety. After the avenues of appeal are over the death penalty should be enforced.
  • CON. Killing anybody, any time, is a Great Evil. The only reason to do a Great Evil is to prevent a Greater Evil. We can hold evil people in prison as long as necessary, so the "prevention" argument does not apply. I do not believe that the death penalty deters, so that argument does not apply. I believe the vengeance argument to be deeply immoral.
  • PRO. Some people just deserve to die x(
  • Con ... ... I'll link, rather than retype.
  • I am against it.It is a thing of the middle ages and should have been done away with then.Where us humanity when the death penalty is allowed to exist.If we are progressing as a species why hold on to old outdated habits.Decent people should not wish death on others.
  • unless we can find some other "eye for an eye" punishment I'm PRO. Some people (Ted Bundy, Eileen Wuornos, Jeffrrey Dahmer) have commited crimes so evil that there should never be a chance that they could get out or escape(T.B. did escape once).
  • im not against it, its my english homework
  • wrong. Even if the person deserved it. still wrong. ~+~
  • CON, our legal system is too flawed for such a penalty to exist
  • I really think people should just do the time because some people do really need to be in jail regardless if its crime or not the world just need a change. Take all the bad people and see how it goes that's why obama ran for president and I like it
  • Against (since age 8 and probably earlier). It's just revenge, it causes loss and grief in the criminal's INNOCENT (I wish I could use bold font) family, made much worse by the fact that their tax dollars are going to the very man who killed their family member, it costs a whole lot more than Life Without Parole (in my opinion, they ought to throw child and aggravated murderers in medieval dungeons), and it doesn't reduce crime. I always have and always will be against the death penalty. Oh and the worst part, people could get executed wrongfully.
  • I am for the death penalty. I don't think people should be allowed to hang (pardon the pun) around on death row indefinitely. If they are proved in a court of law to be guilty, and with today's techniques and technology, it should be proved without doubt, and the death penalty be prescribed, then it should be carried out without delay. It should be quick and humane and I don't think the current means are quick or humane.
  • Hard to answer as I am anti abortion ... Yet the difference being, I stand for an innocent life that cannot defend itself ... The case of capitol punishement being much different in that an adult is fully capable and aware of his or her own actions during most heinous crimes ... I guess its not until some drugged out scumb bag climbs through a window at night and kills one or more of your children or family members might you see things differently ... Thankyou
  • I am against it. Humans are very fallible, too fallible to decide who gets to live and who gets to die.
  • The only reason I'm against it is because it's permanent and people - juries, for instance, make mistakes. Put a man in prison and 10 years later you find out it was a mistake - you can take some steps to try and make it up to him - even if incompletely. Not so for a dead guy. If we could absolutely know the guilty for certain crimes - and if the death penalty were applied to all guilty parties fairly without regard to race, wealth, connections etc - I'd have no problem.
  • I am torn on this subject. I do think a person should pay for their crimes, is death the answer? Because lets say a man killed somebody. He is sentenced to death, is it really okay for somebody to murder him? But more factually based I am just against it because it cost. I read in a criminology class I took that it cost roughly 20 million dollars to put somebody to death- through court costs, appeals, attorney, and then the actual death. Where if they are kept alive and imprisoned the rest of their life it cost like a thousand bucks. I do think that jails need to do away with the TV and crap for the inmates. I actually met a person once who would just get arrested so he had a place to sleep at night, and somewhere to watch TV. Seriously take it out and let them live a life in prison, not a life of luxury .
    • bostjan64
      It costs between $30 000 and $60 000 (USD) per year to incarcerate a person. A murder trial costs about $30 000 to $50 000. The investigation can cost an additional $20 000 for police and detectives. Appeals are significantly cheaper than trials, costing a couple thousand to a few thousand US dollars. I don't see how your mathematics work out from any angle. Whether seeking the death penalty or not, the trial costs essentially the same amount of money. The monetary cost of the execution itself is usually less than the cost of 3 years of prison time to the taxpayer. Whether it's even a good rhetorical point to try to defend, I don't think your position is based on any factual information, and it's rather disdainful to make life or death decisions based on totally fabricated figures.

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