• Your best bet, IMHO, is simply to email them to yourself and then print them off... Sounds too simple doesn't it? :)
  • Connect your phone to your computer through bluetooth,Infrared or cable. Send the pictures to your computer and print them.
  • Whit a USB cable and the disk thats goes with it. Sending it by e-mail can be quite expensive. upload and download with USB is free....
  • i dont think i have a usb cable or a disk to go with it, what do i do??
  • do u absolutley need the cd? O and my Motorolla won't let me access my memory card. help plz?
  • there is a couple of options: 1. buy a data cable that suits your phone. plug it into your comp, install the software and its easy! 2. buy a "bluetooth dongle" and send the pictures to your comp ( only works with compatible phones) 3. go to a photo printing shop and bluetooth the photos you want printed to the photo booths (again only compatible phones)
  • These pages are here to help people get answers to their questions and not to be silly. People need to take time to read The Policy and the Terms of Use. The second part of this entry was not answered. I would appreciate an answer. My question was not from my cell to printing it was, "How do I get pictures off my cell phone(transfer) onto my myspace?"
  • at Thank you.
  • With Verizon, you go through their Pix website and do it all online
  • dunno lol
  • With Sprint you normally have to send them to your account email address, and you can get them printed off of there.
  • this is a duplicate. i flagged it. please check to see if your question hasn't already been asked by someone else.
  • Send it to yourself in email. That is the only way I know how to do it. I am sure there are better ways.
  • Your phone should have come with a USB connection cable. Connect to your compter USB port and you should be able to see all the pictures on the phone in Windows Explorer. You just drag them to a folder on your computer. Some phones require software so that the computer can read them but, if so, the CD should have come with your phone. Good luck!
  • By using blue tooth. You can only do it if your computer has blue tooth. You must name your phone so the computer and phone can "talk" to each other. Oh yeah, You can also do it with a USB cable. You may need special software. Blue tooth is easier.
  • This depends on the kind of phone you have. So a make and model would help here. My phone has the capability to use a Micro SD memory card. I installed a 1GB card and all my pictures that I take are stored on that card. When I want, I can pull the card out, put it into an adapter, and plug it into a card reader for my computer. Then I can copy everything off the memory card onto my computer. My last phone, however, didn't have the capability to use a memory card. I had to purchase a cord and software for it in order to transfer photographs from my phone to my computer. You can also email them to you, but this could take a while and may, depending on your phone service, be kind of expensive.

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