• A Universal Mystery. One of many. I don't think we are supposed to "know" everything. Some things just ARE.
  • Kittens don't have to undergo the developments a human needs to. The human brain is way more complex than that of a cat which needs a lot more time to develop. Our bodies are more complex as well with all the unique genetic development that the human needs. Our hands for instance are the most intricate part of our body and need far more time to develop than a mere simple paw. There are more reasons too.
  • Would you really want the mental capacity of a cat. I would certainly like their agility but I think a human baby has rather a lot more developing to do in the womb that a kitten.
  • Because the human body is a lot bigger than a cat and takes longer to develop.
  • Just look at a new born kitten, they look like they are premature. Humans take longer to develop and because of that we are born with greater mental capacity, we are able to see and hear at birth, and we have longer life spans.
  • Because the average human is four and a half times smarter than a cat
  • maybe cause we're bigger, you need to ask god that question, its too complicated for us humans
  • It takes decidedly longer to grow a living being that will live 80 years with all the brain work vs a living being who will only last 15.

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