• 1) "The barrel of petroleum, 1866 – present, a unit of capacity = 42 U. S. gallons (or about 5.61458 cubic feet, and though approximately 158.987 liters taken as = 159 liters, by, for example, the U.S. Census Bureau Harmonized System), measured at a temperature of 60° Fahrenheit.1 It is a unit of account; actual barrels containing 42 gallons of crude oil have not been used for more than a century, if ever. A metric ton of average crude oil at standard temperature and pressure has a volume of about 7.33 barrels. A cubic meter of oil is about 6.29 barrels." Source: 2) according to this, a metric ton of petroleum contains 7.33 barrels of 42 gallons, so about 307,86 gallons petroleum.
  • App. 308 gallons. For future calculation use

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