• Totally excited. Of course, I was even more excited to graduate from college and know I never had to go to school again! I hated school.
  • I was too drunk to feel either really.
  • I was excited to be done with the hell that was high school, but my school days weren't over since I went on to college.
  • I felt sick - I was coming off a bad experience with prescription painkillers and caffeine pills.
  • There was never a question in my mind that after graduation from high school I was going to college. And I did. Then grad school and work. But when I got older I found I wanted to study and learn some more. After the age of 60 I spent another six years of graduate work just for the fun of it. Loved every minute of it. Part of the pleasure was in knowing that I didn't have to do it.
  • I was excited to finaly leave the hell I was in and excited to go to college.
  • I was excited. I was kind of sad because I was the only one of my friends going away to college and I didn't know what to expect. Getting away from those people ended up being the best thing I could ever do for myself.
  • Thrilled.....I wouldn't have to see those people ever again!!!!! I'm still glad about it almost 4 years later!
  • I was glad to get out of there. As an adult I realise that was actually the start of my education, not the end.
  • I never did graduate HS. I left in my senior year because I had to work to help my mother pay the bills, because my father left us. That only lasted about 6 months though, before I ended up in Vietnam for 2 years. I was 18 and Uncle Sam said I was old enough to be trusted with guns.
  • I was a bit sad and missed the school days
  • excited. I was tired of school and ready to move on!
  • Neutral, actually. I had liked high school but was also happy to be moving on. I'd gotten into a great college so was looking forward to enrolling. I had a very interesting summer job lined up, too, so I was also looking forward to that. My school days weren't over even after I graduated from college. I went to grad school to earn a PhD. That was my favorite academic experience, and now I'm a professor -- still "in school," but on the other side of the lectern.

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