• If you go to the ANSI e-store at: And enter "pesticide" into the "Search by Publication Number or Keyword" control, a large listing of standards related to pesticides will be presented. The list is a few pages long and includes standards from ISO, ANSI, ASTM, DIN (Germany), JIS (Japan), and others. These standards cost from under US$30 to almost US$500 each. Some apply to water and a few define terminology. Unless you have access to these from your employer or via a subscription service, you will have to purchase the standards individually. The WHO has information on pesticides under: Information for different nations can be found by examining the regulations and laws of whatever jurisdiction you are interested in. Regulations can be found at the national, provincial / state, and municipal levels. The precise answer to this question would require someone with both access to this material and experience in the field. There are environmental engineering consultants who will perform such a task on a fee for service basis. The scope of this question would require a significant literature review.

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