• A Wendy's Chicken Ceasar Pita. I hate "they"!
  • 31 Flavors (an Ice Cream chain in the USA) used to make a Mandarin Chocolate Sherbet that would be available only for the month of Sept. About 15-18 years ago, they dropped the flavor, never to be seen again :-( We used to go special just for that one flavor. We'd get it handpacked in containers and in cones all month long. It was so rich and thick and creamy, very dark brown. You'd never think it was a sherbet. And the ornage flavor throughout the chocolate. Oh! It was fabulous!!! I wish...I wish....I wish...
  • The Cheesecake Factory (restaurant chain) had the most fabulous Jack Daniels Upside-Down Chocolate Cheesecake that's been discontinued. My life will never be the same. <sniff>
  • Ben & Jerry's Sorbet
  • There was a 5 minute dinner kit where all you had to do was add chicken and then microwave. I can't remember the brand name, (might have been a Lipton product) but the chicken parmagian was very tasty and easy to make. The last time I had it was about 11 years ago.
  • Spanish Bar Cake..I havn't seen one of those in over 20 years.
  • Royal Burger's onion rings. Hershey's raspberry chocolate chips. Chocolate soda, at least where I live.
  • Jolly Ranchers!! They were cuboid boiled sweets and so tasty!! The watermelon ones were perfect! Oh and Yum Tums - little cakey biscuits with chocolate spread on them. I bought some in France this year though, they're now masquerading as Barquettes... but I haven't seem Yum Tums in the UK for about 10 years... gutted. Good question! x
  • peanut butter Twix bars.
  • I haven't seen Birch Beer since I lived in Utah 20 years ago. Similar to sarsparilla, it had a unique taste.
  • Smokin' BBQ Doritos. They were delicious, spicy and hard to put down once you started eating. No one else has the same smoky notes in their BBQ flavours, and even though I'm not a fan of smoked food per se, this was great. I talked to a person whose company made the seasoning (I work in the food flavour industry) and she said "we''l have a better flavour coming out soon", but nothing that was as good as Smokin' BBQ in my opinion. Original Nacho Cheese flavour is great, but not as good as Smokin' BBQ. :)
  • There was a burger chain named "Red Barn" and their burgers were called "Barnbusters". They were char-broiled with cheese and served with the works.(delicious) They also had excellent fries and onion rings. And the milkshakes were so good. Alas, the chain moved out of our state many years ago.
  • jello pops! and, pudding pops! damn, i really miss both of those.
  • I used to love Spangles they were my favorite sweet as a little kiddy and then they are no more.
  • Adams Sour Orange gum. They have revived the Sour Apple and the Sour Cherry, so I am hopeful.....
  • Charlotte Rousse - bakery item.

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