• Just wait a few hours till the tornado strikes.
  • They don't all look alike, but if you look at these links you will see some:
  • Have you ever seen the little whirlpool that appears when your bathwater drains? It's like that...only MUCH bigger. You don't have to worry about funnel clouds....but a tornado is different. You may hear it (a loud train sound) before you see it. Take shelter in an interior room with no windows if you do.
  • It looks like a funnel!
  • Even if you have never seen a tornado in your life, if you see one, you will KNOW beyond the shadow of a doubt.
  • If you see it, you will know it. a funnel cloud begins sideways in the clouds and slowly begins to tip over and stretch to the earth. A sight you will never forget.
  • A funnel cloud looks like a funnel. The clouds should be dark from the storm that would currently be happening. I once jokingly predicted a tornado in my area. I said to somebody around 7 in the morning (had just finished a night shift) that it looked like tornado weather, going by the look of the clouds and the weather conditions. Later that day we got a tornado while I was sleeping. We rarely get tornadoes where I live, maybe one every 2 years or something. Thats what made my prediction (based off of no weather reports) kind of weird when I heard a tornado had it. Sorry, got a little off topic there.
  • It looks like a big circle that is moving

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