• All you ever wanted to know about decomposition after death can be found here :
  • They go moldy like a moldy cat..not stiff like a piece of bread but more like an apple or something.
  • Many western scientists tried to locate the seat of Prana (life, vitality) in the body. Some proposed the heart to be the seat of Life. Just because the heart stopped beating, you can not say that the person is dead. There are many cases in medical history that people revived to life after some hours of stopping of the heart. Some medical experts theorised that a body will not revive after it's brain ceases to emit the electrical signals. Even this theory could not stand the test of truth. Modern medicine knows that the first organ to decompose in a dead body is the private organ. There is not single case in the medical history that a person revived after the private organ started decomposing. Chandogya Upanisad says (VI.5.4): " Water when drunk becomes three fold; it's coarsest portion becomes the urine; it's middle portion the blood, and it's subtlest portion Prana." The definition of Prana is 'that which continues or sustains life'. It is the same organ which 'creates' life. Many philosophical texts say 'water is life'! The major content of our body is water. Maharshis of the yore have put a cryptic meaning in the word Prana - it was derived from the Sanskrit word 'Neeram' (water) by reading it in the reverse direction. (Consonants P and M are equivalent because they are labials). Science knows that the reproductive organ is the controller of water processing.
  • probably in a different way

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