• Because the media and Madison avenue mogals have hypnotised the general public that people have to look like models.They think to look like a starved person is the way to look.Too much makeup is a trend and one looks just fine without it.For men baldness,potbellies etc,is not of the social norm.I have worked behind the scenes in photography and film,and these beauties are not attractive without the perfet camera angles.We are been fooled,and we all look perfectly fine.
  • i hate myself because someone made me feel worthless and stupid and i kept dwelling on it and it turned into self hate. i don't hate my body, just me as a person. people hate their bodies because of the media and models and stuff, they make it "cool" not to eat. and cause more harm than good.
  • That's where that old saying comes from: "Beauty is in the eye"..well, you know the rest...

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