• Give me a break. Cell phone charger wire is approx 30 gauge. Maybe even less. Wire that small could barely carry enough current to electrocute a rat. Cell phone chargers put out about 5 volts at a couple of hundred milliamperes. You'd be lucky if you could burn yourself with that. Hey! Has anyone ever put their tongue on the end of a 9 volt battery? When I was a kid, there were 9 volt batteries in tons of thing. Most of us kids knew what it was like to touch our tongues to the end of the 9 volt putting out about 400 milliamps. Guess what? None of us exploded. This story is a load of horse manure. Sheesh! The wire in that charger would melt before it could stop a healthy heart.
  • I don't know, but I wouldn't risk it.
  • the simple answer is no
  • Yes...if, for example, he answered the charging phone and then decided to lick the wall socket...
  • it would be hard more chance of the battery exploding while charging during conversation, if the isolation transformer plugged into the wall shorted the primary winding to the secondary winding. Very unlikely the circuit protection should operate in that case.

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