• Very to start with, a few drinks help :-)
  • Yes very, in a social setting until I get to know them better. At work I cannot afford the luxery of being retiring
  • Yes, I wait to get to know them before I start talking to them. I'm pretty shy and quiet around strangers.
  • I'm never quiet unless I'm meditating, sleeping, or sick. So, no.
  • Yes, must admit I am. I guess I sort of observe and size someone up before testing the waters.
  • Yes I'm quiet even around people i know. But when i start talking no one can stop me :)
  • It depends on where I don't know them from, if that makes sense. It depends, I think, on the age of the company I'm in. I tend to be quieter around older people. It also depends what ''vibes'' I pick up. With some people, even though I don't know them I feel completely relaxed and can be my normal not-quiet-self straight away. With others, it takes me longer to relax and I'm very quiet to begin with...I suppose I use the time to subconsciously ''sus'' people out. If it's a one on one situation, I'm more likely to be louder, if it's a group I'll be quite quiet, and if it's a huge group I'll stand on the table and shout everyone down to introduce structure if it's required.
  • Like a tomb. I am so shy when I meet new people. But, it doesn't take me long to warm up to them most of the time.
  • Yes. I sort of try to blend into the background and love listening to others speak and then possibly I can see where I can add to a conversation. I am on the shy quiet side but once I get to know someone I am told I'm quite talkative and interesting. But I think I'm happiest back there with the wallpaper. Less stressful
  • i am shy when i met a nice girl i dont know what to do if she say hi i smile or wave and if she raised a eyebrow i am doomed
  • I can be very extroverted and even keep otherwise awkward situations from turning sour. I can think on my feet, ask a lot of questions, and be as interested as I need to be. In general though, I certainly don't open up right away; I don't over-extend myself before I get to know someone; and I have learned that I could be much more shy than I ever realized. Get to know me and love me, though, and I'll never shut up!
  • Yep. You wouldn't even know if I was even there.
  • Pretty much.
  • Yeah, i am.
  • Very much so.
  • For a few minutes at best..I am not a really quiet person :)
  • Just the opposite! ;-)
  • shhhh! yes!
  • I'm not afraid nor am I intimidated to meet any one at any time for any reason. I used to go door-to-door to get listings for real estate. I was a chef who would go into the dining room and bar to chat with our customers. When I go out to eat alone, I ALWAYS strike-up a conversation with a lady sitting at the table next to me or a few tables over. On a regular basis, I do volunteer work at a rehab hospital. I ALWAYS talk to patients, their families and friends. I do public speaking on a very frequent basis. I AM an extrovert. VTY, Ron Berue Yes, that is my real last name! Sources: Because you asked.
  • Yep, I'm always quiet around new people. I just let them fill the silences. People feel so uncomfortable with silence that they just have to say something, the wise hold their tongue until they have something to say.
  • yes. i'm quiet around everyone.
  • No. I've always found that when you're around people you don't know the best practice is to be raucous, rowdy and obnoxious. Doesn't everyone?
  • Well I'm fairly quiet to begin with but I'm definitely not shy. I'm usually the one to start the conversation, I'm only quiet if I'm curios and want to hear the person out. I guess you could say I'm studying them for a while... as creepy as that sounds ^^
  • Yes, definitely. I am very uncomfortable around people that i don't know, have been that way for as long as i can remember.

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