• (laughs) Ive had much more.
  • you mean threesomes? trying it with a member of the same sex.. yes, it freaked me out a little bit.. why? i don't know. I suppose i'm just curious. Wouldn't act on it though :p
  • Yes, and would love to be able to act them out.
  • Every day I think about agressive gay sex. When I see a young male about 5;5" tall and about 105 pounds in a suit and tie or in a tight muscle shirt where I can see his biceps is such a turn on for me, If I am in a suit and tie I will do anything to get into a fight with him and hope the result is the winner gets to do the knocked out beaten up body.
  • Thoughts? Sure. Desires? No.
  • lol i'm sure everyone has had these kind of thoughts. So yes.
  • Oh yes!All the time ^ ^ And i am bisexual so yeah
  • everyday
  • Nope, the opposite sex is my only interest.
  • I have and I think most people, both male and female do. I think most guys will say "no no no", but guys have different relationships with other guys, and someday one of them might just turn them on a little bit -- in the heat of the moment perhaps. Girls I think have them all the time.
  • No but I have plenty of trisexual thoughts
  • Not until about 5 years ago when I had a cock put right in front in my mouth. Now that was a "Test".
  • Yes. In fact my gf got me involved in a homosexual relationship for a time. She had a gay colleague who thought I was attractive and she thought that gay sex was sexy to watch. So she got us together and he agreed to participate in threesomes and also to let my gf watch he and I have sex, but he also asked that he and I have sex alone from time to time - and I agreed to it (reluctantly at first.) The relationship went on for about four months - give or take. To my surprise I enjoyed the sex and found myself feeling emotionally close to the guy. I much prefer sex with my gf - and the relationship with the guy ended years ago - but I did enjoy being with him. Every now and then I still think about it.

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