• Yes, it does. They (eye exercises), actually all do. But I did not like Bates method, because it was too complicated for me and I started my practical research on eye exercises, herbal medicine, eye food and any procedures that are related to eyes. During this research I combined my own system which consists of eye exercises and other simple procedures that brought clear vision and beauty back to my precious eyes. my co-workers pressured me to publish my method, here it is: I get 'THANK YOU's around the globe. Feels good.....
  • The Bates method definitely works but it's been heavily developed and im,proveupon since then. You'd be better off looking at one of th emodern methods such as Vision Without Glasses, etc. Testimonial: The System: There aren't any drawbacks because you're simply using the eyes for what they were designed for - seeing. So it's perfectly safe. Bate's method is like exercises for the eyes.
  • Spying thru peep holes at women in the shower will not cure anyone's eyesight. The major drawback is having to keep your dead Mom in your bedroom for 20 years. How could anyone masturbate with that scenario ?

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