• In some cases there would be complications from simple infections; but for the most part, they go away on their own. Personally, I don't take antibiotics for these infections unless they are severe. I just treat the symptoms.
  • Alot of people died is the simple answer. People have been using herbal remedies for thousands of years of which some do contain some anti bacterial properties, Not as powerful as todays standards obviously. Alot of the time people just used things like opium or alcohol to dull the pain. Either way most infections dont hurt to much, most people probably didnt notice and let there bodies do the work
  • Many times natural remedies were used, many times things were ignored until they went away, and many times they DIDN'T go away, they got worse until the person was crippled or died. The remedies that were used back then are now being called 'homeopathic' remedies, and are making a huge comeback. People are finding, in this age of medicine-resistant bugs, that natural, old, time-proven remedies work better than 'modern medicine'. I know I love something called arnica gel for bruises, sprains, strains, and burns. And drinking aloe juice (half a cup a day) will help heal ulcers, often.
  • Sometimes it just got better. Sometimes the person lost the use of whatever the infected area was. Many times they died. We just expect to stay alive, and it's a tragedy when we die young... for most of history it's the exception that lives to be old, not the norm. Ultimately, I think that's why we have these social security woes - society doesn't know how to take care of that many people who live to be that old!
  • sometime ear infections went away with no residual effects..sometimes the person went deaf...sometimes they died (bacterial infection that ended up breaking through into the brain, same thing happened with sinus infections)....UTI's sometimes went away with no residual effects or they could end up causing infertility or even death from septicemia or renal failure...URI'swere the same they could clear up with no ill effects or they could cause scarring, etc that lead to COPD's or they could progress into pneumonia, etc again ending in death... One thing people do not seem to realize is the *natural remedies* are still medication and still have all the same potential for side effects and dangerous consequences and so often people had worse problems caused by the remedies.
  • Try bleeding the child using leeches. Because we all know that the infection is due to a tiny troll living in the child's stomach.

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