• All of them if your average porn movie is anything to go by
  • whn i first hit puberty, i remember wanting to be super duper hairy cuz it was awesome to finally have hair. but then all my friends had hair, and i was like "i wanna be different and cut it all off" and i did.. and then i found out my friends did this too. and then later in life, at around 17, i thought it looked like a child, so i started only shaving the part i couldn't see, and i "grew out" the top part so i looked like a woman. and then i saw porn, and i realized alot of women do the half shave/ half hair thing i keep it that way. so since i only know 1 chick who does a full bush, i would have to say, out of all the other females i know, probably 90% of american females shave.
  • Ok ladies...listen up. I'm not sure what percentage of women shave but I can say it appears to be increasing due to false promotions. Most men are perplexed about the obsession women have for shaving their pubic hair. Having pubic hair has almost become phobia which is sad. It's there because "real" men find it very sexy and it's not what you see... it's what you don't see and leave to your imagination that's HOT! I've found most men I've spoken to on the subject didn’t like to see a woman totally or extremely shaved because it made her look like a little girl and that doesn’t interest most "real" men. This is not to say men want a "cave woman". A neat and modest bikini trim to accommodate swim wear is perfect. Another MYTH for shaving is it's good hygiene. There is a new process to curb any problem in this area. It’s called soap and water and daily bathing. In fact, most men tend to think women who shave, do so because the don't have good hygiene habits, so the next time someone tells you shaving is the "Chic" thing to do, think twice about the type of men or lounge lizards you'll attract.
  • 6-18-2017 It only depends on who you intend to show it to. For example, women did not shave their armpits until short sleeved dresses came into fashion, and they did not shave their legs until nylons were invented. I would guess the only reason anybody shaves their pubes is to wear a bikini.
  • 61 percent shave 18 percent trim (they don't say with what) 12 percent use an electric razor 5 percent wax

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