• Ranges from $47K-65K
  • Most screenwriters make nada, zero, noppes. The thing is that you are a writer (n my book anyway) if you write, but you have to get published first to earn some money with it. And that is not an easy job, believe me.
  • Not much, unless they sell a script!
  • Hey im writing a 2 scripts at one time, i suppose youll find out in the future how much you get when you finish scripts, trust me its a great feeling when you write and finish a script, ive finished one, its good and im only 17, So dont get put off script writing, hang in with it, its amazing, email me sometime ill talk to ya more about. goodluck man
  • Around 50,000 for your first script (depending on budget).
  • There is absolutely no number anyone can quote you. No one "hires" a screenwriter for 40 hours a week with benefits and pays them a set salary. Screenwriters are paid per script, and that amount varies greatly. To give you an example... there were scripts sold to studios last year for more than $1 million each, and there were scripts sold to independent production companies for $1000. A couple of things affect the amount: is it a SAG project (meaning: are you using SAG actors, with a budget that forces you to abide by SAG rules, thereby affecting whether you must deal with the writer under WGA rules?) and is the writer a member of the WGA (Writer's Guild of America)? You CANNOT make a living as a screenwriter. Period. What you CAN do is work a normal job and use your spare time to write great scripts (preferably low-budget). Then go through a heap of effort to get someone -- anyone -- to represent you and your scripts to the folks who make movies. Then you write some more and let your agent do what he/she does. Hopefully, luckily, you get someone to OPTION your script -- meaning they pay you 10% of the agreed-upon purchase price just to keep you from selling it to someone else for a year or two, leaving them with the option of paying you the other 90% when they finally decide to make it. Just so you know, 4 or 5 films are optioned for every film bought. So that means you get $500 to $10,000 to take your script off the market -- and that's if a big studio options it. There are a thousand great small companies that will pay you a few thousand for your script, if it's great, and make the movie. You won't make a living (at least not right away), but your film gets made. And ultimately, isn't that why you got into writing in the first place?
  • Making mony from scripts is easy as long as they are fantasticly entertaining amusing and superbly brilliant. But most importantly people have got to want to be your charactors. If you can't sell your script its probly not very good. Who am I you might ask this sentence has a hidden answer. You see youv'e got to keep them interested. If its comedy amusing is no good its got to be super funny for instants the person who wrote the blog below me is rubbing birthday cake into their anus.
  • There are a large variety of rates in the WGA (Writers Guild of America) Basic Agreement. If you are not working under a WGA Agreement, your compensation could range from zero to whatever you can get. See: for the most current published WGA rates. Also, I highly urge you to visit for excellent advice concerning working in the professional film industry as a Writer. Also, read and learn from the book: Film Scriptwriting, Second Edition: A Practical Manual (Paperback) by Dwight V Swain (Author), JOYE R SWAIN (Author) Brian Dzyak Cameraman/Author IATSE Local 600, SOC

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