• If you said no the first time, why would you change your answer the second time? Answer how you want to, his persistance does not mean you must say yes.
  • Are you ready to give it up? If so then by all means..aye..but don't go too far and practice safe sex.
  • If you don't want to and you obviously don't you're under no obligation to tell Mr. SleezeBag yes the second time. Tell him to hit the road next time. Save yourself for someone who cares more about you then getting into your pants.
  • I'm in the same situation...but he asked me to make out with him several times...with some of his friends backing him up. At first...and somehow I still think he's kidding...but then he's so persistent all the time. Also today he asked twice, and why I wouldn't make out with him...Also he doesn't surprise me one bit...he tries something "fast"...and in the end...I'm still unresponsively bored of this guy. It makes me angry that he doesn't respect me at all... How do I make him stop his disrespectful behavior to me? I have to put up with this behavior because I'm going to sit next to him all year putting up with this shit. I told him several times...his shit isn't worth dealing with...but then he gets all butt-hurt at that moment, and tries again a few days later. I don't know what the hell to do...
  • ..if you want to then go ahead..but if you say no the first time and he doesn't back away then he thinks that persistance will pay off..after you say yes to making out..he'll try for something else..until you agree to that..he's a jerk..steer clear of him..and his doofus friends
  • Say no.You haven't even been on a date.
  • Ok, how in the world are we to have any insight to this. How about yes and have 10 kids by him or no he is ugly. Just two guesses.
  • If he can just ask, and you say "Yes" then I promise you...He WILL call you a slut afterwards. Anything worth having is worth waiting for.
  • If you don't want to make out him, no. If you do, why the hell did you say no? Though I don't understand why if you said no in the first place you would want to even consider saying yes now. Of course, I suppose if I took the time to psychoanalyze you, I'd probably decide that you indeed want to make out with him. So yes. Have fun, and if things get hectic, make sure he gets some rubbers.
  • i say do what ever u want if hes hot and u want to then do it but if u dont then say no
  • If you said no the 1st time & he is persistent, he sounds like a stalker. Tell him no again. There was a good reason you told him no in the 1st place, right?
  • No. No one likes a waffler.
  • i would say no if you dont know him and i doubt he'd ask you again if you already said no

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