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  • If this guy was a love interest, you would not be her boyfriend. If she really loves you, give her the freedom to be this gent's escort at the wedding. It is only one evening and I am sure he just wants the company of someone who will have a good time with him. He is probably homosexual and that is why he and your girlfriend haven't ended up being more than just good friends. If you show a trusting spirit, this will convey that you are a secure person. If she ends up falling in love with this friend, then it would have happened any way. If she was your wife, I would have a totally different answer.
  • I'd not be concerned, that is quite a trek to make for a wedding, and if he is not involved with anyone, and she happens to live closeby - it makes complete sense that he would want her to escort him. Show her trust and you will nourish your relationship.
  • Go with them.
  • She doesn't respect your feelings She does what she wants This guy is a drunken bum and she wants to visit him Make this situation permanent and break up with her so she can be with this pig. Please refrain from asking the same thing over and over and over again. Grow some balls and ditch her.
  • No, I have plenty of male friends who I have always spent alot time with, with or without my boyfriend. It's no big deal if you trust her. Did you get an invite too? Usually if you invite somebody somewhere, especially a wedding, you tend to invite them as a couple if they have a parner.
  • dude dont let it happen...i know i wouldnt let mine "escort" her best friend, it wouldnt fly with me, man i disapprove with all them, trust is one thing, but askin a dudes girl 2 go 2 a wedding with him as his date...fuck that shit man, ild be givin her a altermatum, go and u wont be here when she gets back, or stay and relise that u ddnt wanna lose her, or u both go as a group that way fuck head cant do shit
  • No, but it is perfectly normal for you to feel threatened. Friendship is just that and nothing more.
  • hell yeah, i'd be worried!
  • i wouldnt bother going out with her, she sounds like shes already taken

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