• The last man standing of course.
  • Yes, this is the classic confrontation. Which is stronger heat or cold? Who would win in a fight between the Human Torch and The mutant Iceman? If the fight were held in a neutral atmosphere i.e. not too cold or too hot so neither could have an unfair advantage I believe the advantage would have to go the Human Torch. Iceman is very formidable and everything freezes. EVERYTHING but Fire! Ever try to throw a snowball into a burning building? Case closed! The human torch has gotten his flame at or near super nova level where as Ice Man has never shown that level of ability with his powers. The equivalent of an Iceman super nova would be to put all of New York City in a deep freeze by himself, with no other outside help, such as during a snowstorm. Ice Man’s only chance would be to fight the Torch in hand-to-hand combat. Then he might have a snowball’s chance!
  • Heat, Human Torch.
  • human torch because he has heat and he could easily melt the ice
  • Iceman would win because he's had all that practise smacking Pyro around like the li'l bitch he is.

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