• To me, premeditated murder is the worst crime possible, and the worst possible punishment for it is indefinite jail w/ parole
  • Child abuse and elder abuse...death.
  • Killing or abusing a child... I don't think there can ever be a valid excuse for that... I think the punishment should be life in jail...I think if a person sexually abuses a kid they should be catrated(sp) I think if they physically abuse a kid they should do jail time and or go through some counceling... I think if you kill a kid you should do life in jail or be put to death...
  • Genocide. Closely followed by rape.
  • Domestic Violence of any type. On the surface this might not seem like the most severe crime, but I believe it to be the root of almost all criminal activity. The most severe punishment would be a Clockwork Orange-type reconditioning.
  • Forced sodomy/rape. Castration and forced to carry a sign stating their crime and punishment forever. In His service, <:))))<>< "Sin is not hurtful because it is forbidden; it is forbidden because it is hurtful." Anonymous
  • The raping of children punishment-(this is gruesome, do not read ahead if you don't like to read about my theories on how to punish child molesters) it would be best first to cut off know, slowly and painfully while he's awake, preferrably with a rusty saw. then have him raped by people in prison every day for the rest of his unnatural life.
  • The worst crime: rape/murder of a child or elderly person (any crime and/or abuse against kids and the elderly should not be tolerated) most just punishment: life with NO possibility of parole or death

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