• G'day Mr BTK, Thank you for your question. Yes they do after a few day. It is even quicker at the bottom of a schoolbag as I discovered when I was young. Regards
  • Yes they do, just like any other fruit. Though they will keep longer if you keep them in a sealed bag. Bananas also give off a gas which ripens other fruit quicker, I think it's something to do with the potassium they contain, so always keep your other fruit seperate from the bananas.
  • Yes, they do. You can somewhat slow down the deterioration by putting them in the fridge..and at that point the best thing to do is either use them in something you bake or remove the skins, put the bananas in a freezer bag and keep them in the freezer for future use. When thawed, they're good to use in cakes, cookies or puddings but not so good to put in your cereal at that point. :)
  • I think that past an all over brown specks and an ever so light wrinkle, I'm not eating it. My dad likes them really really all dark and wrinkled. To me it's too far gone. What you can do if you aren't going to use them up quick and you are afraid they will go bad is cut them into 1" chunks and freeze them. Even dip them in chocolate if you wish. They make a nice snack to keep in your freezer.
  • Once they go bad, they're rotten all the way through. There's no way to help a banana that has switched over to the dark side.
  • Yes. That's why Lindsey Lohan started 'Banana Rehab', for the ones who strayed from the bunch.

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