• Cuz lord knows ya cant see a big ass train coming at ya...or the flashing lights or the little arm things first..maybe ya got a near sighted bus driver?
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      dumb ass answer
  • Yah I'm wondering the same/ . Bur in India It's because of unmanned crossings
  • As is the case with many safety regulations, there was an accident. As a matter of fact there have been many accidents. A quick Internet search turns up collisions from the 40s to present: Here is a good message board thread on this topic by bus drivers:
  • well here in pa its the law for buses..and you wanta make sure a train isnt coming takes along time for the train to stop ........
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      Same here in Texas
  • For safety
  • Cause it's the law! And you can fight the law, but the law will win! At least that's what that old song says.
  • In 1973 in Corpus Christi Texas a school bus with 17 kids was struck by a freight train now they must stop open the door and listen.
  • As a school bus driver not only is it law but with all the many distractions to safe operation it is safer to stop, set the parking brake, open the loading door, open the window next to the driver. to look and listen for a train. It may sound silly but if the driver fails to go through the motions and has an accident whose fault do you think it is. And yes, a train can sneak up on you before you know it. Then you have stupid drivers that tear around you flipping the bird. Remember always it is your children we have in the bus. Always be extra careful around a bus and quit showing off!
  • To permit the driver to look both ways safely without giving themselves a "whip-lash", and it's also the law (and not just for school buses). in most places that I've traveled to.
  • Hmm! I'll need to think about that.....
  • probably so they dont get hit by a train

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