• Don't worry. When I had my first boyfriend, he told me he loved me every time I talked to him. I didn't say it back to him till some time after we started dating, cause I just wasn't sure! It went something like this ;) Him: "I love you" Me: "I love you too..." Him: pause, big smile, big kiss "I know..." It was a great night :D
  • Give your partner some time to process the information, and when/if they're ready to, they'll say it too. I wouldn't stress it too much, give it a few weeks to see how the relationship evolves and if they ever reply. After about 3-4 weeks ask them about it, and decide what to do based on what happened after all that occurs.
  • Accept that he may not be ready to say it. If you really love him, wait for him to be ready. Please don't harass him over not saying something he isn't ready to truthfully commit to.
  • I would not tell him again and see how he starts acting- if he is changing maybe you should re-evaluate the meaning of this relationship- good luck and remember if it's meant to be, it will be.
  • you say " I love you" because you want to say it , maybe he isnt ready ,so just give him sometime. Just because he didnt say it now doesnt mean he doesnt really care for you. Lots of guys have a hard time saying it for the first time
  • I recently told my boyfriend that I Loved Him as well, and his response was, "You Do"? Rather than get upset, I simpley responded, "Yes I Do", because when we are together it is amazing. He is always respectful and considerate of my feelings and he goes out of his way to make things right on the rare occassions that I am upset with him about something. Plus he says nice things to me like, "You are Incredible". His actions show me that he cares about me, so I feel good about where we are, knowing that if and when he does say he loves me, it will be because he really does, not because I said it first. I think you should evaluate your entire relationship, and if it's good then just go for the ride and enjoy the view.
  • Say it louder. He didn't hear you.
  • maybe you need to find another partner that will say it back

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