• No, not all of them it is not the money that does it to them it is the individual upbringing.
  • nope, but that is the way they are portrayed by the media, and by a certain few who really are snobs.
  • No not all of them, there are some that are still down to earth and sweet. Kind of like not all poor people are bitter and nasty.
  • I think stuck up people are stuck up. Anyone can be stuck up if they think their shit don't stink.
  • Nope. I come from a posh area where everyone had a lot of money. Some were a little up there backside, but most were alright enough. I think a surprising amount realise that being rich doesn't mean having a lot of money, but by having much love, fun etc.
  • Some rich people are stuck up, just like some poor people are stuck up. I have never found a study that determined that amount of money you have has any reflection on the way you treat others. Poor people can be assholes just as easily.
  • No, not at all. There are some that are, but not anymore than any other demographic.
  • No, I know some rich people that aren't stuck up in the least and I know lots of broke mofos that walk around with their nose in the air that don't have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of.
  • Not necessarily. I have met four extremely rich people in my life. The first was a perfectly normal person. He had an extremely nice apartment, a ridiculously expensive collection or few, and shorts and a t-shirt over gnarly old-person legs because he'd been off jogging, and was friendly and just a person who happened to have lots of money. The second was a bit more wrapped up in being rich, but was still fairly friendly. He had earned all his own money, and just hired people to do pretty much everything for him. He did treat his help with normal human respect, though. The third were a couple who clearly had lost perspective from being rich. They were very manipulative, tried to buy their way out of trouble, and clearly thought they could buy people, and if you weren't rich, you didn't count. They were VERY rude to their staff and would not eat in the same room with them, even. The fourth had inherited money, and intended to pass on at least as much. You'd never know they had it if someone hadn't told you. You weren't any different at all. I have come to the conclusion that it depends entirely on the person.
  • No, some are very nice. Some you can't even tell they have money, they are just people. That's how I like people, as just folks. I don't like huge shows of wealth. They are for impressing people and I ain't those people. I think it makes them look stuck up and foolish that they are into so much exterior veneer.
  • No..not at all. A friend of mine is, what I would consider VERY well off. He is one of the most outgoing, generous and unpretentious people I know.
  • Being wealthy requires that person to seperate themselves from the rest of society. The first thing that happens when a person becomes financially independent everyone they know start asking for loans and handouts. Because they can't possibly help everyone they know, they are forced to be "stuck up" but it's not a bad thing...really =)
  • I've seen both sides of the rich and their attitudes, some handle it with grace and are rare jewels and the other side thinks the world should step aside and cater to their every whim.
  • Surprisingly no. I have met a few very rich people who were so down to earth, I couldn't believe they actually were rich!
  • No I don't because one day I will be rich and will not be stuck up
  • No, we've got a friend that is independantly wealthy. And he is one of the nicest guys in the world. Whenever we have a dinner party, he always shows up about an hour early to help set up (which, with him is fine), he also is the first one to start clearing the table. He has better manners than pretty much anyone I've ever met.
  • Depends extreme wealth tends to do lots of Character changes. Some rich folks are arrogant, and some are down to earth. Percentage wise i would say: 95% - Arrogant 5% - Humble
  • No. I work for a hotel, and some of my nicest guests travel constantly for their high-paying jobs. Maybe they are just so nice because they have learned you get more with suger than vinegar in this business...
  • Not at all.
  • Stuck up travels all socio-economic levels. Most of the rich people I know busted their butts to get rich. They tend to be well grounded.
  • I don't think that's very true.
  • my hubby and I are not stuck up and we are very comfrtable.
  • Nope. Many rich people either worked very hard to get there or were born into families that taught them well, and they know their money does not make them better than others. A few are stuck up, but then I know stuck up poor people too. :>)
  • I would rather be around rich people than poor people. They generally look nicer, and are better educated, but they can be stuck up, sometimes. Poor people are nice too.
  • No. The less rich or even poorer are sometime arrogant.

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