• There are many free programs that will convert file types. You would need to get a .wma to .mp3 convertor. I'm not endorsing this one, but I did a quick freeware convertor search in google and this was the first site: You may want to read some reviews on different convertors before you make your decision on which to use.
  • In windows media player highlight the songs you want converted and then right click - send to - windows audio converter. Designate the file format and where you want the file to go and MP3 as hit next. Then hit the start conversion button.
  • It depends on the type of WMA file. Some WMA's have DRM (digital rights management) from Microsoft. There have been tools in the past (like fairuse4wm.exe) that could remove the DRM so that you can burn them to CD or convert them to another format (such as mp3). With that being said, it is illegal to remove the copyright protection (DRM) from songs that you did not purchase, so be careful of that...and never upload any of your songs to the Internet since that is trackable and a more serious crime than downloading them. I should also add that fairuse4wm.exe is not compatible with Windows Media Player 11...only 10 or before. I don't think there are any other options out there for now (Microsoft sued the creator of fairuse4wm.exe...and he went into hiding). Of course, if the files are not protected by DRM, then all you have to do is convert them. Personally, I use iTunes. It converts to mp3 from several major formats and is pretty quick...and it does a great job. In iTunes, click Edit > Preferences > Advanced tab > check the box that says "Copy files to my iTunes music folder when adding to library > click Importing tab > change "Import using" to MP3 encoder. Click ok. Minimize iTunes. Browse to your WMA files and select all of the ones that you want to convert. Now, using the left mouse button, drag them to down to the taskbar and hover over the iTunes box (without releasing the mouse button). Then drag up to "Music" under the word Library on the left side of the iTunes library and release the mouse button. It should automatically ask you if you want to convert them. I don't know if it's just my computer, but sometimes I have to drag it to iTunes 2-3 times before it will finally do something. So don't give up if it doesn't work that 1st time of dragging the files over.
  • if you have itunes it can do it for you. right click on the song and then choose convert to MP3. easy as pie.
  • how too do it

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