• I think you mean tap or maybe they say tab somewhere else, either way, I don't drink tap water here because it comes out sudsy and tastes weird.
  • Yes I drink out of the tap, It's perfectly fine. I begrudge buying bottled water, it's exactly the same.
  • No tap water for me. My building is old and I'm sure the pipes haven't been completely updated. Plus, I see the mineral buildup in my tub and toilet. I scrub those down good and I still get rust, lime, and whatever building up. I don't want that inside me... Filters get expensive real quick! It's cheaper and safer for me to buy ten 40cent gallon jugs of water at the grocery
  • It's called a tap around here, and yes. We've had our water tested, and it's safe, clean, and tastes fine.
  • Yes! The water in Munich comes direct from the mountains and is very good, as far as I am informed. But if I am having holidays somewhere else, it depends. If the water does not taste good, I do not drink it.
  • Yes, tap is just as good around here. But, not ALL places.
  • yeah i do it comes out of my well so its ok
  • I generally stay away from tapwater and just go for the water the comes out of the fridge. But, ever since that fridge-water-dispensor thing broke, it's been all tap for me.
  • Yes, not my first choice tho
  • I'm not afraid to drink water out of the tap. It's perfectly safe. I usually put mine through a filter because I think it taste better that way.
  • I'm an American living in Mexico and I do; oddly in Arizona I didn't. (Granted in AZ i had fridge space for 32 packs of 20 oz bottles; i've got 2 roommates here) Read about your local water supply but seriously; it wont kill you unless you are unlucky as F and a chemical spill or some crap happens near you

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