• Well, I'm old school, but there is nothing sexier than a guy in a tight pair of 501's.
  • I like Levis - they come in various cuts from very loose and baggy, to good-old-snug 501's... (the "shrink-to-fit" jeans!)
  • If you don't want to wear loose jeans you'll just have to wear tight ones.
  • Get some levis. They have some pretty stylish ones for guys. Just don't get the ugly farmer blue. Or the carpenter pants. perfect video. just ignore the guy talking. it has good info for you.
  • Something like this:
  • It depends on your style of dress as far as other things. I don't want to throw you into a label or clique or anything, but what kind of clothes do you find yourself wearing most often? Some guys I know wear tighter jeans than I do. Actually, some guys I know basically wear the same jeans that I do (I wear skinny jeans), which normally would seem odd, but given the other clothes they wear (as an example, Krew is a pretty common brand amongst them), it doesn't look too bad. It's all on your preferences. Find what's most comfortable and what you think looks best for you. =]
  • If you have muscles, wear very tight jeans.
  • Skinny jeans. They're HOT.
  • in my opinions loose jeans rock´s... you shoul'd try the G-unit... :) I wear a lot of those

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